Hello users and visitors! Before making your first edit or further edits, please read these rules and obey them. Be careful! If you break these rules 3 times in a row, you might be blocked for a certain time, or forever.

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Here are a few quick links to the sections

Editing and making pages

Episode and Movies pages

Character article pages

Spells pages

Transformations pages


Adding comments

Adding Categories

Adding/uploading photos, videos, gifs


Making article pages

1. Before making any character or spells page, please ask an administrator first. However, it is okay to make episode pages which has not existed yet without asking an admin. Remember, true and official information only!

Editing articles

1. If you are going to edit article pages, make sure the information, photos or videos is true and official. No fan mades, please!

Episodes and Movies Pages

1. In episode and movies pages, please add a 'Summary', 'Full story', 'Script', 'Characters', 'Spells used' and 'Mistakes' sections in Heading 2.

Character pages

1. In character pages, you will need a 'History', 'Personality', and 'Episodes' section in Heading 2.

Spells Pages

1. In spells page, you just have to add pictures. You do not need to describe its powers, colours or shape.

Transformations Pages

1. In transformations pages, you just need to add pictures, captions, and if necesarry, video.


1. If you want to make a grading template, please ask an administrator and wait if he/she will give you  the permission to make it.

2. You are allowed to make your own talkbox template, but you must have only 1! Signature templates could be more than 1.

3. Grading templates can only be used by admins.


1. Keep those comments nice and clean! No bad words. Young people may be visiting this wiki.

Gifs, photos and videos

1. All of those things above are allowed. However, please keep fan-mades in your userpage, talkpage or blogs. You can upload non-winx club things, but DO NOT post it on the Winx Club pages.

2. Please do not copy any information, photos, gifs or videos from other wikis.


1. DO NOT make up your own categories! To see a list of available categories, view here.


Okay, that's all for now. If you still have more questions, please ask one of our site administrators.