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An Unexpected Event is the first episode of the first season of Winx Club.

Important Events

  • Bloom meets Stella and Knut.
  • Bloom is told she has magical powers.
  • Bloom decides to go to Alfea a school for fairies.
  • Bloom meets Sky Brandon Timmy and and Riven.


In Gardenia, a girl named Bloom starts fighting an ogre with a fairy named Stella. Bloom then realizes she has magical powers so, she decides to go to Alfea a school for fairies.


In a morning in Gardenia, Bloom was woken up by Vanessa. It was holiday, so her parents gave her a present ; a bike. She then rests in a park and rescued a fairy called Stella from Knut, an ogre. And there, Bloom discovers she was special then any other ordinary girls. When Stella fainted she brought her to her house and Stella told her she was a fairy.

Meanwhile, Knut was talking to three figures and was told to after Stella and Bloom with a Troll.

In Gardenia, Stella invites Bloom to come with her to Alfea, school of Fairies. She also taught Bloom to try her spells.

Downstairs, Knut and the troll had found them they attacked the house and Stella came down to fight. But she was defeated. She then called a group called the Specialists, and they fought and defeated the troll.

After the attack, Bloom decides to go to Alfea along with Stella, but her parents insisted to go too. So they went to Magix, a realm where people use magic all the time.



Winx Club - Season 1 Episode 1 - An Unexpected Event (RAI English)19:23

Winx Club - Season 1 Episode 1 - An Unexpected Event (RAI English)

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