I am  creating userboxes for users there will be a lot i have only finished one to use it write  Template:Stella

There will be one for bloom flora musa tecna aisha roxy shining sun powers dragon flame music nature animal waves technology and more i will let u know when all are done here or in ur talkpage or i can put them in ur profile Scarleth - Fairy of the Dragon Flame! Bloom Harmonix Fly

Stella,Fairy of the Shining Sun!
Stella Sophix This user is a fan of Stella.
Musa,Fairy of Music!
Musa Lovix This user is a fan of Musa.
Bloom,Fairy of the Dragon Flame!
BloomNick This user is a fan of Bloom.
Flora, Fairy of Nature!
Florastellamusaflora1230 pic This user is a fan of Flora.
Tecna Fairy of technology!
Tecna Enchantix This user is a fan of Tecna.
Aisha Fairy of Waves!
Aisha Lovix This user is a fan of Aisha.
Roxy Fairy of Animals!
Roxy Believix This user is a fan of Roxy.

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